/5 Types of Cooker Hood for a Healthier Kitchen

5 Types of Cooker Hood for a Healthier Kitchen

Cleanliness and health in the kitchen have become things that cannot negotiated today. If you want to have a healthy kitchen, one important element is the circulation of air in your kitchen. This is where the existence of ventilation becomes important in your kitchen.

But don’t worry if your kitchen doesn’t have a vent or a window that opens directly to the outside. Instead, the cooker hood can be an alternative. The cooker hood is a device that sucks smoke, steam, and odors of cooking.

There are 2 types of air circulation system in the cooker hood: recirculation and extraction. Recirculation is a method of suctioning dirty air into the cooker hood which is then cleaned through a filter process and returned to the room in the form of clean air. While extraction is a method of filtering dirty air with a filter which is then released through a vent or pipe leading to the outside.

Each cooker hood has its own circulation system, advantages and disadvantages. For that, the following will discuss the types of cooker hoods.

Visor Hood
The visor hood has a compact shape and easy installation. The visor hood does not have a chimney on the body, so you can placed this hood on open wall or under your kitchen wall cabinet. Because it does not have a chimney, the available hood visor uses a recirculation system.

The advantages of a visor hood are its affordable price and simple installation because you don’t need to customize your kitchen cabinet. But the drawback is that the body hood will look a bit striking when installed with a conventional design.

Chimney Hood
Chimney hood looks elegant and stylish and perfect for the stove that placed close to the wall. The design of the chimney hood tends to be luxurious and varied. In addition, the chimney hood has excellent suction power, so restaurants also use this type of hood. Make sure you provide enough space to install this hood. A commercially available Chimney hood may have a recirculation or extraction system.

Integrated Hood
Integrated hood is placed together with a wall cabinet. The hood suction surface is designed to be placed under the cabinet, while the chimney is inside the cabinet. So, if you want to use an integrated hood, you must contact an expert to customize your kitchen wall cabinet.

The advantage of using an integrated hood is that you can save space because of its compact size and blends with your kitchen cabinet. So if you don’t want your hood to stand out and want your kitchen to look minimalist then the integrated hood is the right choice.

Island Hood
You don’t need to be confused if your stove is in the island area because you can use the island hood. Unlike other types of hood, the island hood position has designed to hang on your kitchen ceiling.

The price of the island hood is quite expensive, but each side of the hood has been specially designed so that the hood will look beautiful and charming from any position. Recirculation and extraction systems are available for the island hood. You just need to adjust it according to the position of your kitchen.

Downdraft Hood
The downdraft hood has designed to blend into your kitchen counter tops. This type of hood usually has a suction filter and fan embedded in the cabinet or countertop. Some of the newest downdraft hoods use automation technology, so if you need them, you just have to press a button on the hood and the hood will move out from under your cabinet desk.

The downdraft hood price is the most expensive when compared to other hoods. You also have to customize your island table and kitchen counterop if you want to use this type of hood to fit on your table.