/Apply Dark Colors At Home Interior

Apply Dark Colors At Home Interior

The dark color has a profound effect on the interior design that can magically change the appearance of any room. Dark colors give a bold and mysterious impression. Plus, it can create a different depth, tone and mood.

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Some people may worry that a dark room will feel small and crowded. Especially small house, most of you will avoid the application of dark colors. But when dark shades are properly combined, they are comfortable, dramatic and full of life. They can even provide an elegant and luxurious feel.

There are several ways to add some dark colors to a room and use some light accents so that they only accentuate with dark colors. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to use dark colors in decoration.

Dark Color For Floor or Carpet
Dark floors make everything looks pop. They can add a sense of elegance and courage, depending on the base color you choose. Choose dark wood flooring for a rustic chic look, or rich dark rugs for a modern look, those are the smart choice.

Dark floors can add a wide depth of space, and make a small room feel more familiar and comfortable. This can be very practical in children’s rooms because they have a lot of activities, so a dark carpet is ideal. This choice is more durable while still being fun and eye catching. In addition, you can dye a dark floor and brighten up the room whenever you want by adding light-colored carpet. Contrast will make the overall design more attractive.

Give the Right Lighting
Thinking about lighting plans in each room will allow flexibility in using darker tones on the walls. If you provide enough lighting, you don’t need to worry about the dark colors that darken the entire room.

Dark Furnishings
Dark furniture offers a safe choice, because it’s easier to change than wall or floor paint so you can experiment as much as you want with dark colors. This furniture also adds a beautiful contrast, nothing is better than a colored background, like a mahogany cabinet for example.