/Attractive Transparent Natural Color for Bamboo Fence

Attractive Transparent Natural Color for Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fences not only protect the house from the outside, but also decorate the house so that the design and color must be perfectly combined each other. Color will be the main determinant of whether the house finally has an attractive looks. Of course you don’t want to get a pale or unattractive look from the wrong color. On the other hand, iron and wooden fences are quite expensive materials to reach. Now as a substitute, you can use a fairly cheap and affordable material, it is bamboo.

Bamboo is an inexpensive natural fiber because bamboo grows very fast. If used as a fence, there are many designs that can be applied. You can use a woven fence or simply structure with bamboo sticks. After drying, the bamboo will have a pale color. This is where you have to choose the right transparent natural color to apply. Not only the color of the varnish, but also the role of stain is very important. You can choose from many paint brands that provide protection while providing an attractive look to the bamboo fence.

The following colors may be your choice:
Bamboo fence with black color has been chosen because it can give an elegant impression. Black provided from wood stain is not only a dark black color but also transparent. The natural black color still shows the beauty of the original look of bamboo.

Dark Rose
Still with dark finishing materials, you can use dark rose which gives a different impression. Even though they are both dark, but if exposed to the sun will look reddish.

If you don’t like dark colors and prefer red, try it. The resulting color is redder than the mahogany color. But the result is not tacky, it will look more natural and the bamboo fibers will still look.

Walnut Brown
If you prefer the brownish color of the bamboo fence, choose a walnut brown color. This color will be more suitable for you to use for fences with various designs. You could say that the walnut brown color is very neutral.

Light Brown
Another neutral color is light brown and the result will be lighter than walnut brown. Fences with a brighter look are also suitable for various designs.