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Best Wood For Outdoor Furniture

If you plan to have a set of outdoor furniture, consider to choose the right furniture material. Material selection can make a big difference in the quality and comfort you get from your outdoor furniture. The most popular materials for outdoor furniture are teak and all-weather wicker. Each has advantages over the others, so the final decision will depend on your circumstances and preferences.

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If you have a high budget, consider teak garden furniture. As you know, teak is a very dense type of hardwood that grows natively in Southeast Asia and India. The two main advantages of teak are its beauty and durability which is far better than other woods. That’s why the teak furnitures are costly than others.

Teak is very beautiful, especially when freshly cut or sanded. This wood has lovely honey golden color and feels a little oily when you touch it. This is due to the natural protective oil found in mature teak trees. The wood is infused with this oil from the inside, give protection from insects, mold, rot, and water damage. Because of these various advantages, teak wood is highly recommended for use for outdoor furniture.

As already mentioned, teak wood is very dense and strong. It will not be damaged by bad weather, and it will be so heavy that even a storm will have a hard time knocking down teak furniture. Due to the beauty and durability of teak, it has a good reputation as the highest quality wood for outdoor furniture. It provides prestige atmosphere that cannot find in other outdoor furniture materials. You know the best quality when you look at it and don’t mind paying for the best.

Teak is also a great investment as it can last for decades. There is even a high possibility that the teak furniture you buy today will outlive you.