/Cabinet Design for Small Kitchen Area

Cabinet Design for Small Kitchen Area

Small kitchens need special arrangements to keep them free. One part that must be properly arranged is the cabinet. In order the kitchen still feel comfortable, the cabinet design must be adjusted to the kitchen size.

The cabinet position and height also need to consider. You should adjust the height of the cabinet with your body height because you will do your a lot activities in the kitchen. Apart from the ergonomic aspect, the cabinet also needs to be well planned.

Simple Cabinet
Put a small size cabinet will compensate the limited kitchen size. Small kitchen cabinet does not require a lot of detail because it doesn’t looks good for the kitchen. Instead, you can play color mix and match on the kitchen walls. You can try to combine two contrasting colors on the top and bottom of the cabinet, while the cabinet color is neutral with white paint.

Folding or Sliding Doors
Cabinet doors that open too wide will certainly doesn’t match with the small kitchen. The solution, you can choose a folding or sliding kitchen cabinet doors. For example, the folding door design makes it easier for you to reach or store several goods in the cabinet. On the other hand, sliding cabinet doors are also appropriate because they do not take up space when you open it or closing the cabinet. But, by using a sliding cabinet door, you cannot open the whole cabinet door.

Glass Door
Open storage is now in great demand because it looks simpler and reduces the full impression of a small space. Open storage also has two functions, to store and display kitchen utensils. However, closed storage will covered your things of dust and dirt. In order get the two functions to store and display at the same time without afraid the dust, a glass door cabinet design is the answer.

Maximize The Space
Maximizing a small space can be through the cabinet that fills the space up to the kitchen ceiling. The cabinet design will make you easier to clean up your kitchen everyday. The elongated design also makes cabinet storage space freer. By this way, the small kitchen area doesn’t seem cramped even though the cabinet size is actually quite large.

A simple cabinet looks more attractive with hidden lamp at the bottom of the cabinet. This lamp function is as a light for your activities in the kitchen. This light also gives wider impression to the area under the cabinet so that the kitchen does not seem crowded.

Use Shelf
One of the tricks to organize a small kitchen is to use a shelf instead of a cabinet. But if you still need a closed cabinet, you can combine it with shelves. It is enough to use a cabinet that is not too large to store dishes and other things. Then at the bottom, install the shelves to put ingredients or kitchen utensils that often used.