/Choosing The Outdoor Rug

Choosing The Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs, like outdoor fabrics, have come a long way in recent years, and now their look and feel they once were reserved for indoor use. That’s good news for anyone with a patio or other outdoor space that needs tidying up for the summer. You can use it to make the outer area look different. A rug can serve as a backrest to a furnished lounge area as part of larger design scheme.

If you are considering the addition of a quality outdoor rug to complete your patio or deck space, get some tips for finding the perfect one.

Determine the shape and size of your room. This is the easy part. Where the rug will go? For example, if you’re going to placed it under a dining table and round chairs, choose the large round rug that will accommodate the diameter of the table and an additional 5-6 feet wide to fit the chair. If the dining table is square or rectangular, choose a rug of a similar shape. The same considerations apply to your seating area. If you are confused between two rug sizes, go for the bigger one. The edge of a rug can always be covered by furniture, but no material for a rug is too small for the space.

Your outdoor rug will often used in high risk areas, namely the outdoors. Sun, rain, hail, dirty shoes, spilled food and drink, bird droppings, and all kinds of soil in the sand, leaves, etc. While you may be tempted by cheap outdoor rugs at the store, be aware that the rugs will not be good enough at the elements, will not drain water well, will break the edges quickly, and will fade in the sun. It may be cheap but won’t provide comfort or maintain its integrity like a quality outdoor rug.

Sometimes the patio area gets very hot and the rug under your feet can make you feel like you are walking on a bed of embers. But more importantly, a rug is the quickest fix for bad or outdated patio.