/Classic Joglo With Modern Design

Classic Joglo With Modern Design

There are a lot of Joglo, Limasan, Gladak, Jineng, Gazebo owners in Java want to get change to live in concrete houses after living in their Joglo houses, and other wooden houses for generations. Some joglo manufacturers help them to clean the Joglo, Limasan, Gladak, Jineng and the other wooden houses and renovate them before selling them to those who want to buy and build them in different places. To joglo itself is more likely to still have remaining large tracts of land. And the place of joglo stand is usually in a warehouse or garden. But in this era it is converted to create a beautiful garden and comfortable place to relax.

If many people consider a joglo to have a complex construction, then this is a wrong assumption. Because, a joglo-style house can designed in a modern way with simple building construction like a minimalist house generally. The modern joglo character identifiable from wooden roof, combine with minimalist and contemporary buildings. The result of this acculturation design combines perfection from all sides.

Generally, a joglo-style house has dominated by brown wood which is very unique and classic. This authentic impression is not wrong if it is modified through color play on several accents, including the use of white as the base color of the house. If brown gives off classic impression, then the white gives it elegant and modern impression. Apart from white, warm and calm colors are also very suitable for decorating joglo such as pink, light blue to green.

The roof of the joglo home is one of the characteristics that it is very unique. However, with the same roof construction as a joglo house, you can also make modifications to the roof, with an open shape. The use of open roof not only increases aesthetic value, but also helps air circulation. Not only with home air circulation, you can also do aeroponic techniques on the roof of the house.