/Coconut Shells For Home Furniture? It’s amazing

Coconut Shells For Home Furniture? It’s amazing

A coconut tree has multiple uses. Hats, mats, baskets, wall hanging, rugs, toys etc are manufactured from various parts of this tree. But, it is the shell of a coconut that is most commonly used for art and craft products. Bowls, cups, spoons, coasters, bas, belts are formed out of the hard shell of coconut by the skilled hands of the artisans. Slowly it has found application in the fashion world and today necklace, earrings and bracelets are also manufactured by the shell. Excellent products with unique design and concepts have also been made in combination with wood, leather and metal, especially gold and silver.

Indonesia produce export quality of coconut fiber, it has a lot of manufacturer which produce high quality coconut shell fiber crafts. You can use coconut shell crafts as home decorations, such as; decorative lights, ashtrays, miniature boats, photo frames, tissue boxes, etc. Even, some great craftsmen are able to make room dividers from coconut shells. With this coconut shell as alternative furnishing material, of course, some home furnishings can come with a variety of creativity and innovation designs. Gorgeous!

Coconut shells, which are waste from coconuts, are often considered less useful or have no selling value at all. Therefore, we need to reprocess this coconut waste so that it becomes an item with good selling price. Besides the room divider, it turns out that coconut shells can also be used for doors. Combined with wood, coconut shell can be a beautiful and unique door decoration. This product certainly requires high creativity, but craftsmen from Indonesia can always make it happen.

To add to the uniqueness of your home, serve your coffee or tea using a coconut shell glass set and teapot that has been produced in such a way by the craftsmen.