/Cupboard With Drawers, What Inside?

Cupboard With Drawers, What Inside?

Without realizing it, your belongings and clothes are sure to be more and more. However, those of you who live alone may have limited space for furniture. If you have a cupboard with drawers that can hold lots of items, it will definitely feel more fun, right?

Choose the wardrobe type based on the function and size of the room
It is important to ensure the furniture size so that your room still looks spacious. Make sure the width and length match to the size of your room. There are 2 types of cupboard with drawers, the first is the slim type and the second is the broad type. The slim type generally quite tall, while the broad type usually made short. The broad type is recommended for those of you who don’t want a flashy cupboard. This type is also suitable for those of you who want to maximize the space by using the top of the wardrobe to put other items.

Well, if you want a cupboard that can placed in a narrow area, you can choose slim and tall types. However, you still need to consider the overall size so that it doesn’t looks too prominent due to the height.

Choose based on cupboard legs
A cupboard with drawers without legs is more stable and has more storage space. However, dust tends to collect under cabinets because it is more difficult to clean. In addition, if the cupboard placed on a long-haired carpet, the bottom drawer may be more difficult to open and close.

While, the cupboard with legs is less stable than a cupboard without legs. However, the bottom of the wardrobe is easy to clean. Compared to the legless type, the cupboard with legs will also make the room looks more spacious even though both of them have same height. Usually this type of cupboard also has many beautiful and stylish designs. Of course, it is suitable for those of you who prioritize the good looking.

Choose the cupboard’s drawer that easy to use and fits a lot
Comfortable is certainly an important point when choosing a cupboard. Each cupboard has different number of drawers. There is also a cupboard that the drawer has divided using bulkheads.
If you live alone, usually furniture area is in limited space. Therefore, consider the location of the cupboard and choose the size as needed.

If you are looking for a wardrobe to store your clothes, choose a large capacity drawer. Instead, you can choose a small drawer to store smaller items or knick-knacks.