/Decluttering to Tidy Up Houses During Quarantine

Decluttering to Tidy Up Houses During Quarantine

The quarantine period at home gives us more time to do a lot of things. One of the activities you can do is decluttering or tidying up things at home. By sorting items that still in use and those are not, your home will feel more comfortable and tidy. You can also use disassembling old items at home to rearrange your room and make it more attractive.

Start with the room that you often use
You can tidy up the house starting from the area that you use the most. Start from the wardrobe in the room or the cabinet in the kitchen. You don’t need to force yourself to tidy up the entire area of the house in one day. If necessary, list the tasks you need to do for the decluttering process. The checklist or job list can make someone more eager to complete the job list.

Categorized your items
Organizing items based on the type will help you sort out what to store and get rid of. Create item categories in one place will also make it easier for you to tidy up. For the wardrobe, for example, categorize the clothes according to their use, whether they casual clothes at home, casual clothes outside or formal clothes for the office. For other items, especially small ones, choose a transparent storage container and focus on the function of the item. Ask yourself if the item is still in use and if any same items that still functioning.

Tidy The Items
Put the sorted items into a place according to their usage ratio. Items that often used, such as everyday clothes, underwear, and cutlery in the kitchen should be placed in reachable area. Tidying your house and rearranging it doesn’t mean you have to buy new cupboard or storage container. Because if you buy new things, there is a risk that it will make the house feel more crowded. Instead, take advantage of a shoe box or other container in your home. Give it a little DIY decoration touch to make it look good.