/Distinguishing The Quality Of Teak Furniture From Jepara

Distinguishing The Quality Of Teak Furniture From Jepara

It is not easy to distinguish the quality of Jepara furniture made from teak wood, for those who do not have knowledge in wood processing. On Jepara furniture workshop, teak wood with poor quality transformed into great furniture products, in skilled and profesional craftsmen. Therefore, it is difficult if we do not have basic knowledge about the good and bad Jepara teak furniture.

Jepara Wood Furniture

Good teak wood is old, the older wood is, the more stable the wood is. The possibility of shrinkage, cracking or warping can be minimized by using old wood as seen from its fiber density.

Board Width
A wide connection means using wood with a large diameter and large diameter wood means that it is old, and old wood has the advantages described above.

See the construction
Construction in this case is the strength and craft of Jepara furniture. Feel free to wiggle around, have a look at the bottom and inside of the furniture you’re gonna to buy. Pay attention to cracked parts or possibly broken, especially in the joints of wood such as table tops, chair legs and other parts that you think are prone to damage. If there are no problems, you can conclude that this teak furniture from Jepara is good in terms of construction.

Final Finishing
The level of smoothness, neatness and finish is important because no matter how good the wooden planks are, it will be wasted if the finishing is not what you want. There is one finishing style that actually requires natural exfoliation because it looks classic like it’s hundreds of years old. But basically a good finish is no longer peeling or indicates that.