/Doormats and Carpets for Home Interior

Doormats and Carpets for Home Interior

Footwear that commonly in homes and rooms is called doormat. The shape is smaller than carpet. If the carpet is usually used in the living room, dining, or as sleeping mat, then the doormat usually used to clean the feet after leaving the bathroom or entering a room.

We often forget these little seemingly insignificant things. In fact, the doormat function cannot be underestimated. For example, to help prevent slipping if there is water on the floor. Apart from this function, the mat can also used as home interior. Adjust the mat motif with the main theme of your home, so that the mat can make your room more attractive. For a child’s room, for example. Various colors and cute drawings such as pencils, balls, princesses, or flowers are very suitable to be installed in their room. Conversely, if you want to make a beautiful foyer, just put a sheet of ethnic style mat under a small cupboard. Just put the glass or painting on the cupboard and a tiny foyer is ready.

We can take off our footwear or use special footwear in the house, but our guests are certainly not. So that, the doormat is one solution to receive guests well. It is good for the cleanliness of the floor at home, it is also good for our guests in order not offended to take off their footwear.

Another mat, another carpet. Apart from its width, its functions are also more diverse. It can used for sleeping, sitting, or it can be displayed as a wall decoration. The basic material for carpets is usually fine fibrous fibers, it can be natural fibers, such as wool, or synthetic fibers, which in addition to being able to withstand cold, also dampen sound. But carpet has disadvantage. The carpet is easily exposed to dust. That’s why, it is recommended to use air conditioning if you want to install a carpet.

As a home interior, carpets are usually installed in the living room or family. For a minimalist home, there are many small carpet choices. You don’t have to put up the entire room with carpet. Simply put one under the chair. Place a small table on it. Add a vase of flowers, the living room will look pretty and lovely.