/Favorite Simple Minimalist Home Design

Favorite Simple Minimalist Home Design

Having a dream home is perhaps one of the biggest dreams for every married couple. How come? Imagine how good it is to unwind after work and relax with your family in the comfort of a cool family room or bedroom. The criteria of dream house may different for each of you. Regardless of the size of the house you live in, a simple minimalist house can be used as inspiration for your dream home. A simple minimalist home is also very suitable for modern couples who want to live without a lot of burden on furniture or household things that make stuffy.

Women always have their own home designs. That’s why women always have a lot to do list when have a house. One thing that women like is a simple design with a unique personal spot, for an example install a hammock in the corner of the room. You don’t need fancy or complicated accessories, a hanging hammock is the main focus of a family lounge that guaranteed to make the house feel happy. With a special relaxing spot in a simple minimalist house, relaxation events, reading favorite books, your wife is guaranteed to be more comfortable.

Having a simple minimalist home means you have to be creative in matters of storage. Now, for a cabinet solution as simple minimalist home storage rack that the wife will like, just take advantage of under your minimalist bed. Tuck in a flat storage to be used as a shoe rack with matching color plus small wheels so that the business of storing and retrieving shoes is easier. There is no reason to lose your hobby of shoe collection just because there is minimal space in your simple minimalist home again.

In addition, who says that a simple minimalist home can only use black and white theme that seems cold. With a feminine pastel touch, the family lounge or living room can still get comfortable girly touch. Also add the color balance of the house paint with quality furniture with color accents, for example a blue stool, so that the room looks more balanced and the sofa is gray. Husband becomes more comfortable in a simple minimalist house.

Which woman will not be happy with a simple minimalist home kitchen that is always neat? Use a wall shelf to organized storage area for kitchen ingredients. One way to have a simple, minimalist home that always neat at all times is to provide a special place and shelf for every object in the house. The wife’s cooking program got even better.

Create extra space to relax or unwind. The trick is to take advantage of medium to large window frames in your minimalist home. This comfortable space can also be used as extra storage at the bottom, which is definitely needed for any simple minimalist home. Also add cute decorative pillows that add to the warmth of the atmosphere and can be used as an Instagram spot for selfie with the wife.