/Floor Material For Stairs That Has Safety Guarantee

Floor Material For Stairs That Has Safety Guarantee

The stairs has important role as a connecting area in a floored house. However, if you slip in this area, the injury is quite serious for humans. The type of material is one of the factors to ensure its safety. Here are 4 choices of stair floor materials and their characters:

The use of wood as stair step will never lose. Apart from being strong to withstand loads, the natural fibers offer a charming texture that cannot be replaced.

Beside it will looks elegant and scratch-resistant, the easy-to-clean marble texture also makes this material suitable for your home stairs.

Various colors and ceramic motifs can brights the stairs. For you who glossy textures fans, several manufacturers have now issued innovative ceramics that look slippery but actually it is quite rough texture so they are safe material.

Exposed Cement
For you who like to choose the unfinished impression, the concrete structure on the stairs doesn’t need floor covering material anymore. Just apply cement with floor hardener so that the exposed material can last longer.