/Get Rid of Termites on The Ceiling By Natural Way

Get Rid of Termites on The Ceiling By Natural Way

termites attack on house ceiling
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One problem that often faced by everyone at home is termites problem. Termites can be a troublesome problem. If you do not prevent and care for the house, these animals can freely destroy of course. Not only in various wood-based furniture, but it can also attack the ceiling of the house. If you have this, you must immediately remove it and eradicate it.

Using Kerosene
This one method is considered effective for getting rid of termites that stay in the ceiling of the house. The method is quite easy, just spray this kerosene onto the ceiling and if you find the termites nest, immediately spray it too.

Using Rice Washing Water
Don’t waste the water of washing rice, besides being able to watering your plants, it can also kill termites. Just spray or just splash on the termite’s nest. In order not to move the nest, you can also spray it thoroughly and evenly.

Using Tinner
This method is also considered effective for eradicating termites that nest in the ceiling of the house. The application of tinner to the ceiling wood can deter termites because the pungent smell of tinner is highly disliked by termites. The method is also easy, just smear the ceiling wood thoroughly with thinner.

While, it is better for you to use this tinner before the ceiling wood has been installed. After making sure the tinner spread evenly, then dry it in the sun. The goal is that the thinner that was applied was absorbed and dried maximally. After that, install the ceiling wood and the termites will stay away.

Using Salt Solution Water
The next way to get rid of termites on the ceiling of the house is to use salt solution water. The application is easy like the previous method, which just mix water and salt, then spray on the nesting part or thoroughly. For maximum results so that termites are completely lost, do this repeatedly on a regular basis.