/Get to Know the Concept of Material Exposure

Get to Know the Concept of Material Exposure

What is the interesting about this exposed material concept and how are the tactics and consequences that must be fulfilled in its current application?
Not only in public areas such as restaurants, cafes, and offices, the concept of exposure material is widely applied in homes. This concept is not only applied to wall, floor, or ceiling building elements, but also to interior fillers such as furniture, accessories and room decorations.

The concept of exposed material gives a unique impression because it looks like hasn’t been finished. This concept also gives natural touch and looks has strong character. The application of this concept is considered to make the construction process faster and more efficient because it seems that there is no obligation to make the finishing, even though in reality there are still certain parts of the material that must be finished.

The material used is usually unfinished or perhaps finished material but not too neat so it looks raw. Usually it is devoted to buildings to make them look more natural so they look what they are. The application can be various. For example, unpainted brickwork wall. Or the walls just use cement plaster, without painted. Iron / steel allowed in its original iron color and even allowed to rust, then only coated, so that the rust does not go badly.

Actually, the concept of exposed material has existed since ancient times. At that time, this concept was born as a response to technological developments when new industrialized materials emerged. The excellent quality and distinct look of the new materials gave architects the idea of presenting the materials as they are. A concept that displays the honesty of the material in which the material is displayed without coated with other materials.