/Hampers Idea Made From Rattan Basket

Hampers Idea Made From Rattan Basket

Make every celebration complete by making a beautiful hamper basket. Woven hamper baskets are the perfect way to show off your handmade gifts. To make a gift, all you need is a wicker basket, some tissue paper and some colored plastic, and end with a decorative gift label and some ribbons.

rattan hampers idea

Rattan hamper bowls are perfect for stacking fruits or use as accessories and fill with your favorite decoration items. A basket of fruits arranged perfectly makes a perfect touch for your hamper, which you will give to your family members or friends. You can buy fruit hampers, but the price can be expensive. If your hamper is for personal use or you will give it directly, you can save money and customize your design by organizing your own hamper.

Choose your container. Although traditional rattan hampers work very well, you can use anything that is attractive, sturdy and large enough to hold as many fruits as you want. Flower pots, bowls, buckets, boxes or gift bags are possible choices.

Give placemat to the bottom of your container with fillers, such as shredded paper, plastic basket grass in pretty colors or raffia strips. Shallow containers only need a thin layer of filler to protect the fruit. A deep basket must have a thick filling layer to support the fruit and make it visible.

Choose fruits that you know that the hamper recipients will enjoy. Apples, oranges, pineapples, grapes and bananas are traditional fruit basket choices, but you can also include other fruits. Select several small items to add variations to the basket, if you like. Candy, nuts, candles, packets of tea or coffee, wrapped cheese and crackers or a bottle of wine are wise options.

Organize your basket, starting with the biggest and heaviest items. Position the largest piece of fruit in the center of the basket. Arrange smaller fruit around the edge, with the smallest piece on top and fill the gap. Finished the design with plastic wrap that covers the basket. Use string and tape to attach the ribbon to the outside edge of the basket or to the handle.