/House Interior For Holiday Season

House Interior For Holiday Season

The holiday season has arrived and because there is a stay at home program, many people start decorating their homes early. After all, the pandemic has had a pervasive effect on every design trend this year from home offices to DIY and remodeling. Decoration for the holidays is no different.

Indoor plants have become an absolute must-have item in any interior design project. Furthermore, large and medium sized plants are trending right now. The use of reclaimed wood, hanging plants, green walls and large green decoration installations are some of the main trends that will shape interior design in the coming decades. The use of natural fibers such as rattan and wicker in furniture has also become very popular in interior design. This traditional material is used in chairs, carpets and lighting, combined with more modern designs.

Chairs, coffee tables, sofas and even lamps show their curves at their best which will bring fresh home to give a youthful space, fun and modern look. This new trend is being led by furniture with rounded edges and tubular shapes, which are also known as neotenic designs. This concept is perfect for describing cheerfulness to any space.

In line with the increasingly frequent use of bright and bold colors on walls and furniture, bathrooms are also starting to collaborate colors in bold yet elegant ways. The bathroom does not need to use the white anymore. Architects and designers energize this fundamental space through extraordinary colors like light pink, golden yellow, dark blue and olive green.

Next is the main interior of the house. Exposing wood and concrete as raw materials for walls, ceilings, and floors is a trend architects and designers are using to bring a feeling of warmth and elegance to interior spaces without having to spend a fortune. The combination of the two is able to attract visual attention and has good qualities such as durability and easy maintenance.