/Ideas for Brightening a Room by Using Carpets

Ideas for Brightening a Room by Using Carpets

Carpet is a textile floor covering that can set the mood of the entire room. Covering the floor with rugs that come in various colors, prints, and textures, can add visual interest to the floor. Therefore, you can use carpets to decorate the rooms in your house to be brighter. Here are four easy ideas to brighten up your home with a rug.

Pattern over pattern
A traditional Moroccan or kilim Turkish rug will add texture, color, and pattern to a room. Start by choosing a luxurious, neutral Moroccan rug that matches the size of your room. Then, lay a brightly colored Turkish flat weave on the rug. So, if you have a coffee table, bench, cupboard, or other special type of item that you want to highlight, carpeting is the best way to do it.

Add color and texture
If your space looks to drab, add color and texture with rugs is a great way to bring it back to life. Bright, patterned and bold rugs will add a bold pop color to any room. Meanwhile, something more subtle will still add the needed color.

Create a landing place
Spacious rugs instantly make any bedroom more comfortable, so you need to put it there. However, to add more softness under the feet and make the sides of the bed feel more attractive, layer a flat weave accent rug over a larger rug. Think of your rug as a functional piece of art that you want to enjoy, but also comfortable and useful.

With white walls, you can keep it under control
If you’re going to layering more upholstery, pillows, or curtains on your patterned rug, paint the walls white so the room doesn’t look too full. Providing a blank white wall will allow your rug to be the center of attention and give it a fresh finish.