/Inspiration Design for Glass Railing Stairs for Your Home

Inspiration Design for Glass Railing Stairs for Your Home

Among many choices of materials for railing stairs, glass material is often chosen by homeowners because it has many advantages, especially in terms of appearance that is more aesthetic, clear, and minimalist. In addition, the glass staircase railing also gives elegance and luxury impression.

For usage period, the glass staircase railing is no doubt because the process of producing glass materials for stair railing uses advanced technology that makes it more durable and is not inferior when compared to other solid materials. Well, for those of you who are considering installing glass staircase railings at home, let’s take a peek at some of the following glass stair railing design models:

Combined with black stainless steel material on the side of the stairs, will make the glass staircase railing look firm and artistic. The addition of wood material to the stairs and the glass staircase railing frame also makes the housing seem more aesthetic. The wall part uses the industrial interior concept with luxurious gray color, so the choice of glass stair railing is very appropriate to highlight the characteristics and concept of an industrial home. The atmosphere of the house becomes more comfortable and free thanks to a smart installation.

The installation of glass staircase railing is also very effective for medium or small sized house spaces. For the next inspiration is a combination of trellis on the railing section of the glass staircase that fits perfectly with the overall arrangement of the house. With open shelving style or open shelves in the kitchen, the house looks more spacious and well connected. Certainly, the alloy of the trellis with the glass staircase railing makes the interior of your house more attractive and different than the others.

For those of you who want to use a glass staircase railing with safety maintained, try to copy the inspiration of the glass staircase railing that is present on the inside of the stairs near the wall, while the exterior stair railing uses wood material. The combination of glass staircase railing with a wooden staircase model provides a unique decorative element. Also add a piece of clear glass that borders between floors so as to create a balance between the transition of the stairs to one another.