/It’s Time To Use Water Based Wood Paint For Your House Frames

It’s Time To Use Water Based Wood Paint For Your House Frames

Don’t let you miss the latest trend, use water based wood paint for frames, doors, windows or other wood furniture.

Giving a new look to furniture or home buildings such as frames, doors, windows is very appropriate at the beginning of the year like this. This is the right time for you to renew the looking by recoating or repainting process. Not only the walls of the house, but you can do recoating the furniture in your spare time.

Wood products, especially those used as home building such as frames, have a life time. Now the durability side will be better if it is supported by the coating layer. But the coating layer also has its own timeframe considering that there are many influencing factors such as the weather, both summer and rainy, exposed to scratches or due to wood insects. Here you should be more vigilant and carrying out the treatment. For example, on a frame that has two sides, indoor and outdoor. The color of the outdoor will fade faster than indoor. The frame will looks striped and reduce the beauty of the house. This is the reason about the importance of recoating process must be realized.

The resistance of coating products itself varies from brand to brand. Usually a good coating can last at least about three years and you have to do the recoating process within that time. On the market, there are two types of coatings or paints that compete: solvent based coat and water based paint. If solvent based paint has been used since years time, considering that solvent based itself is the first finishing product created, varnish. To decide which product is better, you must consider about its: easy application method, affordable price, durable quality and suitable color results. For example, if you choose water based wood paint for the frame, you will find it easy to paint the frame, with only a brush and water. Things like that can be your consideration.

If you are going to choose whether solvent based wood paint or water based wood paint for the frame, you should first understand what types of finishing products are both. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but you can choose the one with the most advantages. Both solvent based paint and water based paint have the same material, namely resin. If the solvent based uses resin mixed with solvent, it will easily make liquids. Meanwhile, water based paint is difficult to make because resin and water are not easily blend materials. It needs emulsion material that able to blend both resin and water and it is called surfactants. There are also chemicals needed to make water based wood paints dry quickly, have a good drying speed, easy to stir, easy to apply and create a good film coating.

The materials used to make water based wood paint for frames, windows, doors, and others, will formed a protective film layer. This protection material is intended to protect wood from heat, rain, humidity, insects such as termites, scratches, etc. In forming a strong, fast and economical film, high solid content is needed because the higher of the solid content, the faster you will create film layer. Solid content in water based paint is about 30% on average, but there is also up to 50%. Even though solvent products only have a solid content about 25%. You can prove it when you want 4mm thickness of film layer. If you use water based wood paint with a solid content of 35%, it will get 1.4 mm thick film while if you use solvent based paint it will get only 0.8 mm thick. Judging from this, for 4mm thick, you need 5 layers of solvent based coating, while waterbased only requires 3 layers. This is beneficial and you will not be wasteful using paint products.

Observed from the dry speed and the results, this good paint finish only requires touch dry of about 5 to 10 minutes. Even then, regardless the sun heat and the results will be perfect. If you use solvent based paint you need solar heat, if there is no sun heat then the result will cause white spots or shadows. This is influenced by the fact that the solvent that does not evaporate properly will leave a mark on the wood surface. This will not happen if you use water based wood paint products because in any weather the wood will still be perfectly dry.