/Knowledge About French Furniture Style

Knowledge About French Furniture Style

The best furniture is the furniture that you admire and can reflects your home and style. Trends change and new types of interiors are introduced all the time. And lately, the shabby chic style is hype. Distressed furniture is the main favorite of those who like to experiment with the interior. But classic French furniture will never lose its charm.

french furniture chair
credits: https://unsplash.com/photos/wLaus9bLmGQ (free download)

Most French furniture is decorated, sometimes polished, or painted in white, gold, ivory and pink. The French sofa is decorated with buttons and punches to give a classic elegant look to the house interior. One of the most prominent elements of French furniture is the curve. Beds, sofas, chairs and benches have a curved and elegant look.

The typical French style furniture is mostly carved with floral patterns. The more artistic and refined the carvings, the greater the value of the furniture. French designers pay a lot of attention to carvings and even after years of evolution; still a very prominent and desirable feature in French furniture.

French furniture is usually not too high from the ground and has small, bent legs. The furniture leg is one of the main components of French furniture. And the upholstery, almost all sofa chairs and back seats have the best upholstery. Some chairs have fabric upholstered and others have three side seams. This feature gives a stylish and distinctive look.