/Laundry Room In Limited Space

Laundry Room In Limited Space

Small house requires the owner to think more creatively in the division of each room. The right arrangement will certainly make the house more comfortable to live in. Kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom are some of the rooms in a house, which are often become the main focus of homeowners. Usually homeowners will really think about the design and arrangement of some of the main rooms.

laundry room
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However, sometimes homeowners ignore some special rooms that are no less important. One of them is the laundry room. Even though it looks trivial, if it is designed and laid out as best as possible, the laundry room turns out to be able to further add to the beauty and of course the comfort of the house itself. Even so, for small-sized homeowners, the placement of drying rooms sometimes becomes a problem because of limited spaces.

There are several alternatives to outsmart the limited space. To have a minimalist and dual function laundry room, it is enough to provide a room that is not too big, but can already be a laundry room at once drying clothes in one place. But make sure the laundry room has plenty of sunlight so that the clothes that have been washed can dry soon.

If you don’t like open laundry rooms, you can install a glass or transparent roof. Sunlight can be obtained from transparent roofs or from transparent glass. Do not forget to put decorations of green plants around it to enhance the look of your laundry room. Clothes drying can be made from iron frame that is placed on the laundry room.