/Maximize Vinyl Flooring For Home Decoration

Maximize Vinyl Flooring For Home Decoration

Along with the economic recovery this year, housing property prices in the landed house sub-sector also have to increase. To deal with this, many Indonesian people, choose a minimalist-style house as the main choice.

However, the limited land is certainly a challenge, so the small house owners must be careful in dealing with the design of the room in order to create a comfortable and spacious house even in a limited space. One trick is to apply neutral colors and motifs on the walls or make multifunctional custom furniture to suit the shape and size of the room.

In addition, it is important for you to add some textures to the room in order to avoid flat impression, so that the house looks more attractive and natural. Take advantage to the under the stairs space for a shoe rack, use a murphy bed that can folded against the wall, and make a TV lift cabinet so you can store the TV when it’s not in use.

Floor selection also has an important role to decorate the house. Choose Vinyl flooring to create a warm, comfortable and looks more spacious room. Another reason is because this floor is easy to install, waterproof, termite-resistant and easy to clean.

There are many new Vinyl floor motifs in 2022, from patterned motifs to natural stones (Pattern & Stone Series) and wood motifs for SPC floors (Wood Series) to meet the trend that popular in 2022. Hopefully vinyl flooring can be the best interior solution to meet the needs of small housing in creating a warm and comfortable home.