/Microfiber Cloth, Household Furniture Cleaner

Microfiber Cloth, Household Furniture Cleaner

When dust starts to accumulate on the furniture or liquid spills on the floor, your instinct is to take an unused rag or clothes to clean it. However, did you know that using a microfiber cloth can help clean dust thoroughly while absorbing spilled water quickly? As one of the commonly used rags, microfiber cloth or microfiber cloth is effective in cleaning all kinds of dirt. So, before you buy a microfiber cloth, it’s a good idea to understand more deeply about it.

Microfiber cloth is a household item of synthetic fabric made of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide. This type of fabric has very fine fibers and has about 0.0006 mm diameter. This fabric has very soft texture, even 10 times softer than silk. Why is it called microfiber? When you look at the details of this fabric, you can see the very fine thread particles, which are then cut again into pieces. Imagine how thin and soft this microfiber cloth is. These threads are also capable of trapping dust, dirt, and bacteria in greater numbers than ordinary rags.

Microfiber cloths are very effective at cleaning dirt. One swipe, you can get a stunning finish. Also, you don’t need to spend a lot of energy and time. In holding water, this cloth is able to absorb water as much as eight times the weight of the cloth. Generally, microfiber cloths are useful for cleaning dirt. However, there are special variations that used to clean certain home furniture.

Multifunction microfiber cloth
This type is used to clean general dirt, such as in the kitchen, on a cupboard or bookshelf, and others. It looks like a small towel and is easy to carry anywhere.

Ultra plush microfiber cloth
The shape is almost similar to the previous type, but it is bigger and thicker. If you accidentally spill water or other liquid on the floor, you can use this cloth. It is able to absorb large amounts of water quickly so you don’t have to squeeze it many times.

Glass and electronics special microfiber cloth
Unlike the two types above, this type of microfiber cloth is flat and there are no soft threads arise. This cloth functions to remove dirt and dust on the glass, such as mirrors, windows, and other items made of glass. You can also use this cloth to clean dust on electronic equipment, such as computer screens, laptops, cellphones, tablets, and televisions.