/Polyurethane Coating for Artwork, Furniture and Other Wood Products

Polyurethane Coating for Artwork, Furniture and Other Wood Products

Protect your wood works with a polyurethane coating. Whether for your furniture, sculpting wood, repairing boats, or building cabinets, you’ll definitely need a polyurethane finish. Oil-based or water-based plastic resin used to coat wood or as a wood finish, polyurethane keeps your woodwork waterproof, weather-resistant, and shiny. They come in a multitude of volumes, tints, and effects, so make sure you choose the right product for your project.

The best way applying polyurethane is by brush, but now there are types of products that applied by spraying. The overall application process is not much different from ordinary varnishes. If you plan to paint frequently used wood projects, this product will helpfull. It could also for projects that often exposed to heat such as garden furniture, this is the best product you should use.

Polyurethane with a glossy finish provides superior scratch resistance and dries to the touch for up to thirty minutes. Intended for interior use, the water based solution makes cleaning with soap and water easy and protects your pieces from damage.

Meanwhile, a matte-finish solution requires only one coat: it saves your time and money. Intended for interior use and available in 32-ounce cans, this formula dries to the touch in just two hours and can cover up to 50 square feet. The self-leveling formula ensures an even layer, and the water-based formula is ideal for quick cleaning.

Polyurethane is the perfect choice for finishing any woodwork, from boats to outdoor furniture to garage doors, transparent yellow polyurethane is ideal for outdoor use. A high-performance sealant, is a solution makes the surface waterproof and UV resistant. Cured varnish is flexible, meaning it expands and contracts with wood during seasonal humidity and temperature changes, which eliminates the risk of surface cracks. The solution dries quickly and allows you to dry again in just an hour.