/Round vs Rectangular Dining Table, Which One You Choose?

Round vs Rectangular Dining Table, Which One You Choose?

The dining table is one of the important furniture in the house, because it is used not only to eat with the family, but also to entertain guests or family. Round dining table and rectangular dining table are two common choices that often chosen by homeowners. The two forms of the dining table are available in wood and iron materials, and are available in various sizes so that they can be used in large or small dining rooms.

When choosing a round dining table or rectangular dining table, consider the best way to make the most of it in the room. In addition, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of each.

A square dining table or a rectangular dining table is the best choice for a square-shaped dining room as well. This dining table helps you a lot to maintain the balance and proportion in a symmetrical room. A square dining table can usually accommodate four to eight guests. Choose a square dining table when you have four people eating at the table. Each people has some space at the table, have comfortable and relaxed chats. When you need more table space for a large gathering, join two square tables together to make a rectangular table shape.

A round dining table is perfect for a small dining room. Due to its small footprint and round shape, this dining table creates a warm, welcoming and comfortable dining room nuance. Since there are no sharp edges, the round dining table is an ideal choice for families with small children.

Rectangular dining tables and round dining tables have their drawbacks, so consider it carefull before you buy. Rectangular dining tables don’t work well in rectangular dining rooms because the seating on two sides of the table is closer to the wall, making family members and guests feel cramped. Even if the room is large enough so visitors won’t hit the wall when they sit down or get up from their seat, the mismatch in proportion creates a claustrophobic feel. If you need to pull up extra chairs for dinner guests, someone has to sit in an awkward corner. Meanwhile, a round dining table is not to safe if it is supported by a single center pedestal. Before you buy, try leaning against a round dining table and do pressure to see how sturdy and solid it feels. Choose a round table that has a wide base to support the weight, or lots of legs.

Whatever table shape you choose, follow simple size and space guidelines to ensure family and friends are comfortable when they eat and socialize. Leave about 24 inches between the table and the wall on all sides so it’s easy to get up and down and expand that to 38 inches when you want to create a walkway around the table. Consider how many people will eat at the table and leave 24 inches between chairs so family and guests don’t bump into each other. Make sure the table is not more than 48 inches wide, or food will have a hard time crossing the table. Choose a minimum width of 36 inches so you have plenty of spaces for plates, crockery, and serving bowls.