/Shabby Chic Furniture Style

Shabby Chic Furniture Style

Shabby Chic furniture is a style that is being hype lately. The shabby chic furniture combines elegant style with a pleasant feel. Derived from antique French furniture, the term shabby chic furniture was first revealed in the early eighties by British interior designers, emerging from this is a new, friendly and elegant decoration style. Shabby chic furniture fits perfectly with the style and design of other furniture, and everything just combines into a fantastic looking space.

shabby chic looks
credits: https://unsplash.com/photos/0-WxA37EXV0 (free download)

Distressed furniture is the main favorite of those who like to experiment with the interior. Chic shabby furniture on the other hand is usually made to give a distressed look, not really done yet. The paint is usually faded and worn. Although this look was deliberately made, but this style is far different from French furniture. Shabby chic furniture is more geometric. Tables and beds are square and rectangular in shape. Shabby furniture is more fashion-oriented; while French furniture has a conventional and classic appeal.

Shabby furniture sometimes has doors with floral designs, but the style won’t be similar to French style carvings. It describes worn out and depressed look. Shabby chic furniture doesn’t have specific criteria for the legs and style. As for the upholstery, mostly Shabby chic furniture is a wooden chair without upholstery. They are usually painted in ruffled manner, to give an old and worn look.

Chic shabby furniture is inspired by old and used furniture. Repaired to look like an old one, used for a very long period of time. This look can only be completed when all the furniture of the room is the same and looks old.