/Some Car Garage Models That Usually Used As Ideas

Some Car Garage Models That Usually Used As Ideas

Every room in the house has detail purpose and function that makes it different with the others. Some are absolutely must-have while others are complementary and generally less important. Car garage is a special case. Often overlooked and treated as nothing but for the needs of stylish interior design or aesthetic appeal, a garage can be an unexpected place of interest if it is designed properly.

home car garage idea
credits: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-concrete-3-storey-house-206172/ (free download)

Conversion garage model is probably one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add space and add value to your home. This space framework is usually already available and most likely all that needed is some small-scale construction and internal improvement. There are several other models of car garages that might inspire you as follows:

Single Car Garage
The minimum size of single car garage must be 10×18 but most cars will require a minimum of 12×20 garage. If you drive a Smart Car, then 10×12 might work. Otherwise, even the most compact car will need a 20-foot long garage to fit inside comfortably. Surely, you do not want to hit the wall when backing your car into the garage. If you want additional space other than space for your car, then you need to do additional planning. Measure your car or truck first, then determine the best size for your garage and the extra space you need.

Single Garage With Side Storage
This model garage plan will be great with the addition of a small storage space. Or even just park one car. Building a garage which equipped with side storage, requires a little thought to get fit space. In addition to complex excavation and foundation work, it is best for you to give it to specialist contractors, if you are a practical person. But you can choose other options for more expensive or cheaper options. It will all be based on your budget. And this will slightly change the appearance but not the structural functionality.

Double Car Garage
This is an amazing garage plan. It has space for at least 2 cars. And then lots of space for storage too. So in theory you can use it as a warehouse to store straw and other goods. While also parking your car or other agricultural equipment in it as well. This garage is the basic design of a 2 car garage. This is good because the simpler design, usually, the easier it is to build. It also has enough space to store tools, sentimental items, decorations, or even space for a large workshop. And the special things about 2-car garage is because it provides the right amount of storage for the family. So if you have a family then you will surely enjoy additional storage space.