/Some Coffee Tables For Family Room

Some Coffee Tables For Family Room

During pandemic in recently days, most of our time is spent at home. If in the past, relaxing time could be in cafes, cinemas, and other places outside. But now, the most appropriate and safe option is at home. Not surprisingly, many people are doing interior makeovers for their homes. Whether it’s in the bedroom, or in the family room, many things can be added or arranged to create more comfortable home interior to accommodate leisure time.

If you like watching TV, of course the family room needs your retouch. One of the furniture that can support your relax day is a coffee table. In addition to putting drinks or snacks, the right coffee table will also give something different for your home interior, especially in the family room.

The shape of coffee table is very important to fit the interior design and room configuration. The oval coffee table is suitable for limited space. Due to its shape without corners or elbows, the oval shape can avoid hit risk that occur in small spaces. In addition, the oval shape is also suitable and safe for children.

As the most basic form of coffee table, a rectangular coffee table is suitable to mix with various interior designs of the house. The size of the coffee table can be adjusted to the size of the living room and sofa. You can choose a square coffee table with 38 – 40 cm height and more than 70 cm width / length

While for a limited size family room, a small coffee table must be an option. In addition to saving space, the small coffee table can easily moved and used as side table so that the room can be more spacious for certain activities. Now, there are many small coffee tables available in various forms. They are just enough to accommodate a few cups or glasses of drinks. When used as side table, you could put your favorite decorations such as some indoor plants in small vases.

In addition to the wood material that most commonly used for coffee tables, glass is quite popular as an alternative to coffee tables which often cheaper and easier to maintain. Many coffee tables are designed use iron frame and glass section, or even a whole made of tempered glass so they have the strength and can be compared to a wooden coffee table. The use of a glass coffee table is suitable if you want to highlight other elements in the family room such as a sofa, carpet, or interior floor of your home.