/The Tree Root Table Base With Glass Top

The Tree Root Table Base With Glass Top

teak root glass table – suit for your elegant house

The tree root table with glass accents at the top is the piece that makes your house style really dramatic even though it is placed in any room you want. This piece made from solid and intact parts of the teak tree. Heavy hardwood shows a rich color palette with a smooth finishing but still natural.

Tables made from original teak roots and carefully polished by hand, plus glass for table at top table, will beautify your home with the perfect blend of form and function. This table is a statement of great eco-friendly which is perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces, both functional and dramatic, the pure teak root table will definitely be part of a topic.

Tree root base is unique in shape, size, texture, and color; this means that each root table is a one-off. To get qualified and eco-friendly roots, find them in the forest. Roots are taken from sustainable forests, which means also help the replanting process. By using tree root to become a classy table will make us feel loving nature.

The top glass makes the table practical for everyday use while ensuring that the eye-catching structure of the root system is visible at all times. Various coffee table designs and dining tables are available with this root base. Put it in your home, it will add a magnificent natural presence to the outdoor terrace or indoor dining room. Used as a large dining table for its base and covered with tempered glass that allows the roots to be fully displayed, will also make your dining room very stunning. The tree root table is truly unique and can be placed indoors or outdoors.