/The Uses of Woods For Our Life

The Uses of Woods For Our Life

Since thousands of years ago, humans use wood for various purposes. Besides used as protection material, humans create various tools from wood for the necessities of life. Wood is a part of plants that has undeniably versatile uses that have been recorded in our lives about how dependent our lives are on wood. That’s why wood called as the oldest building material ever.

Wood used for roofing equipment, upholstery and as weight bearing or decorative material in models and scaffolding. In addition, there are also artificial building materials such as chipboard, MDF and plywood produced from wood chips, sawdust, which are wood byproducts. Wood that has been cut and processed into standard dimensions is called a lumber.

From the beginning of the period of human life, wood was used as home construction. Until now this need is still continuing. In various parts of the world, construction works such as the construction of houses, floors, door and window frames, furniture and various construction projects, wood materials play the most important role. Various types of wood can be used as construction materials, such as teak, pine, mango tree, walnut wood and others.

For works of art such as sculpture, carving and making decorative objects, wood is widely used. Also, you might notice that the art board frames and color plates are mostly made of wood. The best types of wood are pine, maple, cherry tree. Furthermore, wood furniture is a very profitable choice. Some people consider wooden furniture as a sign of the aristocracy since long time ago. There are several types of wood, which be the best used for furniture making, for example, Teak wood (Tectona grandis) is the best for making furniture. Some other wood are Mahogany, pines, Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus), Mango trees are used in South Asia to make various types of furniture.