/Tips for Choosing and Caring for Rattan Furniture to Make it Durable

Tips for Choosing and Caring for Rattan Furniture to Make it Durable

Rattan furniture does not adorn many modern houses in Indonesia. Rattan is considered old-fashioned and less durable. In fact, the materials found in Sulawesi, Sumatra, and Kalimantan can be used as quality products. Rattan that processed incorrectly can indeed make it damaged quickly. Check out tips on how to choose and care for it, so that it is more durable.

Rattan has its own advantages as a furniture material. The material is flexible so that it can be designed into various shapes and can be a sturdy construction. 80% of the world’s rattan material comes from Indonesia. So, if we buy rattan furniture, we are supporting our own country’s products and works.

If you are interested in buying, try adjusting the shape to your home to make it look harmonious. Must be able to adjust to the feel of the room. Some bulky rattan furniture is not suitable for narrow rooms. If so, choose a minimalist one for an apartment or small room. Look for one that combined with iron or wood to make it lighter. Don’t forget, rattan is an in-door material which when placed outside can rot easily. If you want to use it as outdoor furniture, make sure that the rattan furniture still has ‘skin’.

If rattan is placed outdoors, it is wrong. What is usually placed outdoors is synthetic rattan made of plastic. Rattan is a natural material that still reacts with air and humidity. If it rains, it can rot. If you want to put rattan on the terrace, there is another type, which has a skin. Rattan whose skin has not been peeled off.

Then how to clean rattan furniture to make it more durable? Apparently, rattan does not require special care. It turns out that you only need to treat it like a sofa and avoid wiping it with a wet cloth. The treatment is the same as a sofa, you can use a vacuum cleaner. Do not use water, clean with a dry cloth because if it is damp it can get moldy. If there is fungus, dry it.