/Unique Furniture from Used Goods for Boarding Rooms

Unique Furniture from Used Goods for Boarding Rooms

Have you ever thought about making unique furniture from used items for furniture in your boarding room? Used items that are no longer used are indeed too good to be wasted, because those items can be recycled into new furnitures, such as chairs, tables to displays.

Anyone can do unique furniture from used items because the process is easy. For those of you who want to make your boarding house more attractive with unique furniture from used items, here are some furniture that you can make.

Old tire seats
If you have unused car tires, don’t throw them away. You can recycle used car tires into a chair.

Spoon hanger
If you have a lot of spoons that not used because they are bent or rusty, you can use them and turn them into clothes hangers or accessories.

Wall shelf from wooden box
Are you know about the eggs box in store which made of wood? You can use the wooden box as a wall shelf to store various kinds of decorations, such as photo frames or displays.

In addition to wall shelves, egg wood can also used as a table or small shelf that usually placed next to the bed. Or, even room partitions, but of course to make room partitions you need more used wooden boxes.