/Various Types of Guest Table Models

Various Types of Guest Table Models

Some houses have furniture that has their main function. For example in the bedroom, the existence of a mattress is very important to built a mood of the room. Likewise the living room, furniture or furnishings are important elements needed, such as a guest table. With the popularity of the design and model of the house at this time, then some home furniture will adjust. For example, a minimalist guest table that has a simple shape, has important role for living room looks.

Some minimalist guest table models:

  1. Teak Wood Guest Table
    There is no doubt, teak wood is the basis of table material that famous for its durability. By this table in the living room, it will build an elegant feel but still looks simple.
  2. Black Guest Table
    To give a firm impression in the living room which dominated by white, a black table could be your choice. Metallic black on the table will provide a variety of views in the space and support the minimalist impression in the room.
  3. Marble Guest Table
    The impression of elegant minimalist is usually not far from solid elements, such as marble. Besides used for the floor, marble can also used as a table. The marble colors on the guest table are varied but still in harmony with the minimalist concept which will certainly make your living room more luxurious.
  4. Small Wooden Guest Table
    A small guest table remains suitable to placed between the chairs in the living room. A wooden guest table with a simple arrangement of each piece, will support the minimalist impression of your living room. The impression of old or vintage living room can also added by putting a carpet like a rug underneath. So do not surprised if you feel so comfort in this living room and having a long chat.
  5. Full White Guest Table
    Your tray that likes lighting in a room that looks soft and calm, white furniture is certainly one of the important elements in your living room. With a full white table that has long legs and slim, will make your living room more smooth and comfortable.