/Water Based Biovarnish Wood Paint For Recoating

Water Based Biovarnish Wood Paint For Recoating

If you are looking for water based wood paint for frames, doors, windows or other furniture, Biovarnish is a recommended product. This product will fulfill your recoating needs considering that the old frame or wood product will definitely have uneven texture. There could even be many textural defects that appear during the times. These textural defects can be corrected with Biovarnish Wood Filler which will cover the wood defects.

Biovarnish Wood Filler acts as a wood putty that can applied with a scrape knife / pallet. The coloring process will also be obtained if you use Biovarnish Wood Stain, the choice of natural colors will give a natural look to your home’s frame. Wood grain that may not be very visible at first will be well exposed if you sand the previous layer of coating until the wood grain is visible. For the final touch you can use Biovarnish Clear Coat Doff or Gloss. Both of them will form a strong film layer and most importantly will not cause a yellowing effect.

Many yellow clear types caused yellowing effect because of the high formalin or ammonia content. This can be proven by the pungent odor coming out of the paint liquid. Biovarnish as water based wood paint for frames, windows, doors or other furniture does not contain formaldehyde or ammonia or even lead and formalin. So Biovarnish is safe and environmentally friendly product and you can use it anytime. The ease of application that only use a brush and diluted with water makes you economical and does not require special skills and application matters.

Safe and environmentally friendly, when you are looking for wood putty, the level of safety and environmental friendliness must be prioritized. These priorities will help you get a good product. Biovarnish Wood Filler was created according to ECHA (European Chemical Agency) and US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulatory standards. So that, there is no metal content and you can safely do the application.