/6 Types of Wood in Indonesia That Are Often Used For Furniture Build

6 Types of Wood in Indonesia That Are Often Used For Furniture Build

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in the world, and almost all types can be used to build wood furniture. Each type of wood has its own unique characteristics, which in turn can add warmth level, emphasis and beauty to the surrounding decoration.

hardwood for furniture build
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While in Indonesia, there are many types of quality wood that are often used to build furniture. A good level of wood quality is usually seen from the density and hardness of the wood. That’s why the harder wood, the better it is to be carved as furniture. Hardwood comes from broadleaf trees (deciduous trees that drop their leaves every year and produce seeds) while softwood comes from coniferous trees (trees that have needles and don’t produce seeds).

Teak Wood
This kind of wood is the most wanted wood in build furniture. There are a lot people prefer this wood because it is strong and durable wood for furniture products. The wood is also valuable and elegant, make it expensive enough.

Mahogany Wood
This wood commonly use as the subsitute of Teak wood. Some people choose this kind of wood because it has good quality and cheaper than Teak wood. Kind of hardwood, Mahogany helps those furniture craftsmen in save production costs. It is a very traditional, versatile and popular type of wood. It is also a popular choice for use on veneers.

Sonokeling Wood
Many people like to use this kind of hardwood because it has special characteristic. Sonokeling wood has natural black color, without any paint adds. Beside, this wood also durable and valuable for furniture products, because it has beautiful wood Sonokeling wood.

Acacia Wood
Acacia Wood has similarity fiber and color with Teak wood. So that, many people like to use this wood to produce furniture products. The wood also heavy enough, strong and durable.

Tamarind Wood
Recent days, Tamarind Wood demands are increasing. Not only local demands, but also export demands. There are many furniture workshop like to use this kind of wood because Indonesia has lots of stock of Tamarind Wood. Moreover, the logs size of this wood is big enough. That’s why the model and design of Tamarind wood furniture mostly features its wood thickness.

Camphor Wood
This wood mostly used for sills and doors rather than tables and chairs. Most carpenters recommend Camphor Wood as the main material for the two products.

If you’re currently in the process of furnishing your home, and often asked yourself “What wood is the best for furniture?” It isn’t a simply question. The answer is dependent on your budget and expected usage.

Less expensive woods can still be beautiful but they tend to be softer. As a result, they damage more easily. Harder woods are more expensive. Each have different appearances.