/A Simple Bookshelf From Used Wood

A Simple Bookshelf From Used Wood

For some people, finding used wood while cleaning the house is a very pleasant thing, because it is like finding treasure that has been buried for a long time. However, there are also people who only think that the used wood scattered about is just garbage and cannot be used anymore until finally they come to the conclusion that the wood must be burned immediately so that it is not too disturbing and accumulates at home.

How about you? Are you the same person as the first type, thinking that the scrap wood found is like gold? But even though you have this thought, usually when you find used wood, it can also make you confused, what do you want to make of the used wood you find?

Try making a simple bookshelf from scrap wood. Besides being easy, this furniture will become multifunction furniture. Besides being used as a bookshelf and magazines, you can also use it as a bag rack, placed your shoe boxes, and other items.

In making a bookshelf, don’t choose a complicated design and difficult to make. Just select or design a bookshelf with a simple design. However, if you are an expert carpenter, please choose a bookcase design that is a bit complicated, and maybe if someone likes to see the bookshelf you make, of course you can also sell it and it can be an additional income for you.

What needs to be done is to find the required material, used wood that is no longer used. You can use any wood, but if you want it to last, it’s better to use wood that has a hard texture, and keep in mind, used wood that is no longer used. If there is not enough used wood, of course, you can also use other unused wood as an addition.

It’s easy enough for you to practice yourself at home. If you’re willing to put in a little effort, of course everything will be easier. Bookshelves are one type of multifunctional furniture, because apart from being able to be used as a place to store and tidy up books, you have also given a touch of interior design to the room where the bookshelf was made.