/A Warm Modern Style Dining Room, Combine Wood and Yellow Light

A Warm Modern Style Dining Room, Combine Wood and Yellow Light

The dining room has a modern nuance with harmonious and warm lighting. One of the interesting characters of this dining room lies in the lighting system. The atmosphere of the room that seems warm, intimate, and the color of the room that invites to enjoy the foods is formed by a harmonious combination of general lighting on the ceiling, task lighting hanging on the dining table, special wall lighting, and decorative lighting hidden in the lights behind the ceiling.

The presence of dominant glass elements, such as dining table surfaces, walls, and doors that directly adjacent to the back garden area, reinforces the modern character of this space. Eight dining chairs made of wood with long vertical stripes patterned back give a light impression and match the modern style of the dining room.

Three glass doors, each consisting of two doors, are a substitute for the wall that separates the dining room from the back garden area. When opened, the six glass doors make the dining room seem unite with the garden.

The yellow light from the three chandeliers and decorative lamps located on the dining table makes the atmosphere in the dining room warm and intimate. The yellow gold color can psychologically arouse the appetite higher. A pair of statues placed at both ends of the dining table serves as a decorative element.