/Advantages and Disadvantages of Rattan Furniture

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rattan Furniture

When you want to buy furniture to fill the empty space in your home, it’s good if you are careful about what is and what kind of furniture you need. After that, it is also a good idea to consider the furniture materials which are suitable for the room at home, whether from wood, aluminum, bamboo, rattan or others. Because each materials has its own advantages and disadvantages.

rattan furniture set
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Now for rattan furniture, here are some advantages and disadvantages that might be your consideration:

The Advantages of Rattan Furniture
Rattan furniture is much sought after by the public because the price is cheaper than solid wood furniture. In addition, rattan furniture is always interesting because it has a variety of styles and motifs. Rattan furniture can be made into a variety of models such as minimalism, wicker, ovoid models, etc.

Some people prefer rattan furniture over solid wood furniture because rattan furniture is lightweight furniture that is easily moved anywhere.

The Disadvantages of Rattan Furniture:
Some people like rattan furniture, some don’t. Because indeed, rattan furniture is not considered as durable furniture. This type of furniture is very vulnerable to destructive insects. Also, rattan furniture will not strong stand if you put it in the places exposed to excessive sun and in places that are in direct contact with the ground, because it will shorten the usage period.

Furthermore, when compared to solid wood, rattan furniture construction is more easily damaged because it cannot be too strong.