/An Easy and Cheap Way to Remove Scratches on Wooden Table

An Easy and Cheap Way to Remove Scratches on Wooden Table

Despite being careful, often wooden furniture such as wooden tables are scratched by objects placed on them. Annoyingly, the scratches on the wooden table are difficult to remove, thus reducing the aesthetics. If that happens to your wooden furniture, don’t worry. There is a way to remove scratches from a wooden table fairly easily.

Vinegar and olive oil
The ingredients needed to remove scratches on wooden furniture are half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of olive oil. The two ingredients are then mixed in a bowl or cleaning bucket. Use a microfiber cloth to rub the vinegar and olive oil mixture into any visible scratches on the wooden table.

Allow the oil and vinegar soak into the scratches overnight. After that, wipe off the remaining vinegar and oil mixture using a clean damp cloth. The annoying scratches and scuff marks on the wooden table will also disappear.

Used coffee grounds or tea bags
You can also try making strokes of the same color as the wooden tabletop to hide the scratches on the wood table varnish. Place used tea pack over the scratch and leave it for 30 minutes until the wood stained the same color as the tea. Don’t forget to take out the teabags and dry the surface thoroughly when you’re done. Because, it can cause the wood to warp, and that would be a bigger problem to fix.

You can also make a thick paste made of instant coffee and water to remove scratches. Like tea, coffee has the ability to stain wood, effectively hiding any scratches. Wipe off the paste and dry thoroughly after the scratches are gone.