/Anti-bankrupt Furniture Business Tips

Anti-bankrupt Furniture Business Tips

Currently is a very big trial for all business actors. The pandemic has completely paralyzed the economy from small businesses to big entrepreneurs, all of whom have been affected. Of all business sectors, all are also experiencing difficult times.

Furniture business with a large amount of capital, but the profits you get are definitely big. But when conditions are like this, all entrepreneurs are worried about the sustainability of their business. For the furniture business, there are a few tips you can do.

Stop The Production
At this time you may have to temporarily stop your production process. Thus, you do not have to pay for production anymore. Even if you have to produce, make products in cheap or only produce ordered items. Because the purchasing power of furniture is currently really weak. Try not to reduce your production employees. Although you have to reduce their salary. If necessary, use a shift work system. So your employees don’t lose their livelihoods.

Selling Furniture with Minimal Profit
Your money circulation problem that doesn’t exist at all, maybe you can get around it by selling your furniture at the lowest possible price. You still have to take profits even if it’s very minimal. Use the money from the sale of furniture to cover your debt. Start clearing from the smallest debt. You can also join existing online marketplaces, so that the reach of marketing access can be wider. By being in an online marketplace, consumers will be able to prefer the financing scheme provided by the marketplace.

Take Advantage of The Waste Wood
You have to read the current odds. What are people talking about, what items are in high demand, and also a survey of other furniture stores. Currently, you can make works from wood scraps of furniture. For example, what people are currently talking about is flowers and plants. You must be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Make products related to flowers and plants but of course at super affordable prices. For example, you can make a pot rack from used wood. Make the product as attractive as possible, so that consumers are also interested and glanced at your product. You can also use other wood waste as frames, clocks, wall hangings and even kitchen cooking utensils.

Do a Promotion
With you selling your furniture for a minimal price, surely many people will look for your shop. Create advertisements on social media, don’t forget to make a banner that you put up in front of your shop. Give a unique writing so that it will attract buyers. When a customer visits the shop, you can ask for their mobile number. Its function is of course for promos. Instead of subscribers will get promotional or educational broadcasts, definitely make them interested in saving your number. Thus, you have done a free promotion.

Don’t forget to greet the contact on your cellphone occasionally. No need every day, because it will disturb your customers. You can broadcast a message maybe once a week, offer a new product from your store, or a promo that you are holding. Or also provide information, knowledge to educate your consumers.

Keep Thinking Positive and Enthusiastic
It is undeniable that the current condition makes many people stressed by the situation. But you still have to think positively. Confident that things will get better soon. Continue to motivate yourself and your employees. Give positive sentences every day. So that you and your employees remain enthusiastic so that they will come up with lots of creative ideas. Joining a community or association related to the furniture industry, there will be many marketing opportunities, access to information, access to finance and a positive environment for your business.