/Arranging Furniture Around the Living Room Sofa

Arranging Furniture Around the Living Room Sofa

The family room is a place to spend time with family, whether to chat, watch television, or just relax. For that, it is important to have a comfortable sofa to support all activities in the family room. In addition, the position of the sofa needs to be considered to make your activities are more comfortable. Even though the material and position of the sofa is right, the family room will feel empty if the sofa is alone without other furniture to complete its exist.

Small table and decorative items
When you decorating a family room, of course you want the room to look functional as well as attractive. Add a small table in front of the seat. Complete the small table with some decorative items, books or magazines. This gives the guests something to look at and read while waiting.

Seating around the coffee table
If you have more than one sofa, or a sofa with several small seats, arrange them around the coffee table to create a conversation area. You can arrange sofas and other seating to form a box or circle as they surround the coffee table.

Arrange the sofas in a row or letter L
To create more space in the family room, you should arrange the sofas in a row so that it is easier for people to move around in the room. If you have two sofas, arrange them in an L shape. Placed one of the sofas near a window or wall to create more space. This sofa arrangement also allows guests to get better visual access while in the living room.