/Attractive Color Combinations for the Living Room in a Minimalist Home

Attractive Color Combinations for the Living Room in a Minimalist Home

Before determining the decorations and furniture that will filled in the living room, you need to choose a suitable color first. Making color combinations in the living room can also be the best choice. By combining colors, the appearance of your living room can be fresher. In addition, it will also make it easier for you to adjust it to the decoration style you want to install.

There are several interesting combinations for the living room that you can imitate, here. From nature-inspired color combinations to warm blue color combinations.

Nature-inspired colors
The color combination drawn from nature makes a soothing color scheme for the living room. You can display some green colors in accent of chairs and cushions in the room. But the effect should still look subtle and organic. Also, for the walls a creamy white to complement a yellow, green or olive hue. While a little black can bring a modern impression to your living room.

Modern living room
A modern living room doesn’t have to always adopt colors with lots of bright hues. A simple palette that dominated by black and white can give a sleek impression like a minimalist home in general. Start with a white wall. Then combine black in a bold way. Also coat metallic gold through accessories and other furniture accessories to brighten up the look.

Elegant living room
In a living room with an elegant concept, usually beige and white are used as the foundation. Also use a variety of textures and small doses of color throughout the room to make a neutral room even more appealing. Bring wood accents to furniture, shelves and other corners. Also add a soft navy pillow to add personality to the simple linen sofa.

Bright living room
Combining white and cream will bring out the gorgeous characteristics in a predominantly pink living room color scheme. Using all white will make the color look childish. In this concept, balance can be achieved with warm white walls and trim upholstery and cream. The right accent color will also help you to bring out the rosy pink hue. Also add a soft blue patterned pillow to reduce feminine appeal.

Neutral living room
Give it a neutral look by applying mix patterns to the living room. Vary the scale of the pattern on different surfaces so that the look of the living room can be balanced. Show the window in a thin, almost invisible pattern. Then add a bolder black and white striped chair. A variety of neutral patterned pillows can add to the appeal of a gray sofa.

Vintage living room
Green and yellow color combinations will usually look bold and modern. Even so, this combination will still look soft and stylish in a vintage themed living room. The covered walls are painted green to highlight the wall art and antique furniture. Turmeric yellow window treatments can accentuate the warmth in wood and leather. Also add a white sofa to maintain the classic look.

Warm blue living room
While blue is technically a cool color, yellow shades will make it a little warmer. In this space, the warm blue on the walls is complemented by comfortable gray chairs and a wooden coffee table. Also add a mirror to make the room brighter than warm colors. Accessories in similar nuances to wall colors can also tie a room in a minimalist home together.