/Balcony Fence In Order The House Not Boring

Balcony Fence In Order The House Not Boring

An inseparable part of the balcony is the barrier, namely the balcony railing. This element of course serves as a safety so that the member of the house feels safe when relaxing on the balcony, without feeling afraid of falling during activities. In addition, the balcony railing can also make your house look more beautiful.

The selection of the right material and form of balcony railing can completely change the look of your balcony. Balcony railings that match the entire facade will make your home look even more impressive. Whatever material you choose, please don’t forget the main function of the balcony railing, which is to prevent anyone get fall. The following are materials commonly used as balcony railings.

Wooden Balcony Railing
There are various choices of wood that are commonly used as balcony railings, such as ironwood, damar laut, teak, mengkirai, or merbau. In principle, weather-resistant hardwood can basically used as balcony railing. Wooden balcony railings are suitable for natural home, especially if you don’t cover it with paint. Showing wood grain and texture gives rustic impression on your balcony, in addition to calm impression of course.

Glass Balcony Railing
If you don’t want the view from the balcony blocked by solid railing structure, try choosing glass balcony railing. For the purposes of balcony railing, you can choose laminated or tempered glass which is much stronger than ordinary glass and has high level of security. As the frame, you can choose wood or metal.

Concrete Balcony Railing
Concrete is an easy choice as balcony railing because it can be built at the same time when the house is under construction as part of the whole house. The advantage of concrete is of course stronger than various other materials. It’s just that, you can’t easily replace it when you want to have different balcony railing model. However, if you want sturdy and maintenance-free balcony railing, this concrete fence can be an option.

Metal Balcony Railing
The metal used for balcony railings is generally aluminum, stainless steel, or wrought iron or plate iron. Materials of aluminum, stainless steel, and plate iron give modern and contemporary impression. Meanwhile, wrought iron is commonly used to create classic impression. You can always combine metal material with other materials for balcony railings according to your wishes.

PVC Balcony Railing
Compared to some previous materials, PVC is the most practical material. Because they are generally available in finished form and light in weight, their installation is easy and fast. In addition, its resistance to weather is also very good. For top balcony railing that light and easy to maintain, PVC railing is a very good choice.

Depending on the design, minimalist balcony railings can be made from the various materials mentioned above or other building materials. You can also use a combination of these various materials to get a sweet minimalist impression.