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Balcony Railing Designs

Based on the design, the balcon fence can be presented in various shapes and designs.

Classic Balcony Railing
The term classic is actually very broad, especially for the fence models. Referring to the general meaning, the classic balcony railing model is like to the balconies of old buildings before the 20th century, or even like to loggia structures (roofed balconies) in ancient Italian buildings. Classic balcony railings generally have complex design and dominated by curves. Classic balcony railing materials are generally made of concrete or wrought iron. Balcony railings in concrete pawns commonly called balustrade or wrought iron balcony railings with tendril motifs are examples of classic balconies that common exist in Indonesia today.

Modern Balcony Railing
Unlike classic balcony railings, modern balcony railings have simple design, don’t have complex curves, because they refer to the practical aspect. So often the design is dominated by firm lines and angles. Because of its simple style, this style is often considered as minimalist style.

Floral Motifs
As we all know simple is the new elegant style. A well-decorated stainless steel railing for your balcony can give a well-coordinated look to your home. Stainless steel is also not a product that requires special care for the balcony. Floral motifs add an element of beauty to your apartment balcony. If you choose stainless steel and add some flower decorations painted in gold, rest assured that you will add an elegant impression to your home or apartment.

Industrial Style
Your industrial home decor needs black glass stainless steel railings. Just another addition to the glass and steel fusion balcony railing. This type has glass as the body and steel as the margin. But the twist is that this glass is black. An industrial style house will need this kind of fence.

Apart from the problem of the term, at this time minimalist balcony railings are also very popular, along with the popularity of minimalist house styles which are also in vogue. So it is not strange if now you have many choices of minimalist balcony railings.