/Benefits of Rattan Wood for Humans

Benefits of Rattan Wood for Humans

After knowing the difference between rattan and bamboo, of course now it is not difficult for you to distinguish between the two. The main difference is the rattan stalks are very flexible compared to bamboo. Due to its flexibility, rattan is widely used for various purposes. Rattan is a non-timber forest product commodity that can be used for various needs. Rattan rods are often used as materials for handicrafts to household furniture. Here are some of the benefits of rattan for human needs:

Rattan as Raw Material for Making Furniture and Crafts
The main use of rattan is as raw material for making furniture. Rattan rods have good strength and flexible, so they are easy to shaped. The price also more affordable than wood commodities. You can make various household furniture such as chairs, tables, and cabinets. Not only furniture, rattan can also be woven and used as crafts. You can install rattan wicker on the ventilation of the house to avoid the sun’s heat. Rattan is often used as walking sticks, broom sticks, umbrella stalks, or handles for cooking utensils.

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As Dye
Some types of rattan secrete red sap (resin) from the flower stalk. This sap has been traded overseas to be used as wood dye in violin instruments. This sap is also used as coloring material for the ceramic industry.

Rattan can also be used as a cane to a weapon function. There are some areas in Asia that even use rattan as a bat for caning for criminals. In addition, in Indonesia there are also several martial arts colleges that use rattan as a weapon.

Rattan is very elastic and strong. If you give preservative, it will make the quality of the rattan more durable. For the architecture, the house is very well used as roof construction on wooden houses that are artistically designed. Generally, rattan will combined with wood, such as teak, pine and bamboo.

Indonesia is the largest rattan producing country in the world. As an export commodity, rattan from Indonesia fills about 80% of the world’s raw material needs. This means that rattan has a very high economic value in international trade.


credit image: pinterest.com