/Best Wood Paint Recommendations for Furniture

Best Wood Paint Recommendations for Furniture

Wood paint does not only make wooden furniture look more attractive. Another function that is more important using wood paint is to protect the wood. Wood is easily rotted due to pests and air moisture that gets into the wood pores. Therefore, it is also important to noticed the type of furniture and its placement.

In Indonesia, it is not difficult to find the best wood paint, for use as varnish or primer. You can see some of the well-known paint manufacturers, such as Propan, Avian, Glo-Tex, and Biovarnish which have their wood paint series. In order to get the right product, you should know how to choose it. Apart from coloring furniture, wood paint can also used in handicrafts or DIY projects. The material that make up the wood paint not only determine a different finish, but also the different drying time required.

Just like paint for wall or other non-wood surfaces, wood paints also have differences based on their solvent components. There are several types of wood paints on the market, such as oil-based paint, latex paint, water-based paint, and acrylic paint.

Oil Based Paint
Paints that can dissolved with organic solvents such as rubbing alcohol and thinner have a fairly good resistance to protecting wood. Not only does the wood avoid the weathering quickly, oil-based wood paints are also able to create a smooth and shiny surface when it dries. It may take longer for this type of paint to dry and expose a nice matte or gloss finish. Some don’t even need extra coat or topcoat paint to add more shine. This type of paint can be used on bare wood or as a primer.

When using this paint, make sure you use the brush or roller carefully and try not to get too much into your hands. While they can create a tough finish on wood, oil-based wood paints are more difficult to remove. To clean your hands and used brushes, you can use paint thinner or mineral spirits.

Water Based Paint
Water based wood paints are widely chosen because they are able to provide a better film layer. In addition, this type of paint is also safer and environmentally friendly because the diluent or solvent used is only neutral and clean water, while oil-based paints require alcohol and thinner which can pollute the environment and harmful to health.

The water-based paints colors is good also than solvent or oil-based paints. The smell of water-based paints also doesn’t sting, and there are many water-based wood paints that don’t cause odor. Even so, this type of paint does not provide as good shine as oil-based paints. So, consider this too.

Latex Paint
When compared to oil-based paint, latex paint is easier to apply, dry faster, and easier to clean, even with soap and water. In order not to make too much brush strokes on the wood surface, before using the latex paint you can mix a little Floetrol with paint. Use a separate container to mix the paint and Floetrol or this paint conditioner. Due to the volatile and dry nature of latex paint, Floetrol will help the paint dry longer thus providing smoother finish. Generally, latex paints provide gloss or semi-gloss finish. If you want to create satin or matte effect, add topcoat to make it happen.

Acrylic Paint
Acrylic wood paint also uses water as a solvent. Even so, this paint has water resistant or quite good resistance to water. So, when it dries on a wood surface, acrylic paint will be very resistant to water, so there are no problems even if you exposed to drink spill or even rain.

Another advantage of acrylic wood paint is that it has a strong adhesion or adhesion power. Due to its safe and good characteristics, this type of paint can be relied on to paint wooden toys so it is suitable for the children without harming them. With acrylic paints, you can also combine several colors for a new color or ombre effect.