/Buy Furniture in Debt? Yes, as long as …

Buy Furniture in Debt? Yes, as long as …

After buying a house, the next wish is to arrange it with furniture. Especially for young couples who have just bought a house. Decorating the house with the best furniture is certainly everyone’s desire. If you have low budget, then getting into debt is the way to go. If you are planning to buy furniture with credit card installments, of course you can do it, but pay attention to the following matters:

  • You really need that furniture
  • The installments are interest-free or without service fees
  • You get a discount if you make a payment via credit card
  • Your current debt installment amount does not exceed 35 percent of your monthly income
  • Items that you buy in installments are items for long-term use

When you owe for overpriced luxury furniture, chances are that your reasons for buying are “not based on necessity.”

Those are some things to consider when buying furniture for their new home. In essence, buy furniture according to current financial capabilities.

Always remember that there are still many expenses that you need in the future. This can be for preparation costs, for child birth, children’s education costs, pension funds, and so on.