/Calculate The Dimensions of The Dining Room To Get The Right Size For Your Room

Calculate The Dimensions of The Dining Room To Get The Right Size For Your Room

Designed dining room to get balancing position of furniture pieces is not easy well. The most important piece of the dining room is the dining table. What is the right dining table size that you need to create a visual balance in your design?

dining room set
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Before you begin search for dining furniture, you must calculate the range of dining table sizes that can fit in your room based on design principles, which can vary in round, square and rectangular sizes. In addition to considering how many people will sit on, the size of your dining table also needs to provide enough space for people to pass by, in accordance with the dining room settings, and in proportion to the size of the room to create a visual balance.

Dining tables are often used as an afterthought, but need to think carefully about how much space you need to avoid elbows collision when you having dinner. The height of ideal dining table is 74cm, with 45cm of leg and 75cm space between the table and the wall so you can stand and sit comfortably. Each place setting must have a width of around 65cm.

Well, you need at least 36 inches between the edge of your desk and other furniture or walls. This provides enough space for one person to walk behind a chair while others sit or open the door in the nearest cabinet.